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New Life for VMS / Tru64 Apps

Protect your business investment, make cost savings AND improve performance.

Our VAX and Alpha migration services allow you to continue using your valuable VMS and Tru64 applications on standard PC server hardware.

Most migrations take only 48 hours and are covered by our no-quibble guarantee. No-win, no-fee.

By moving to a virtualised environment, backups and reboots become trivial; disaster recovery becomes routine; and all for less than your annual maintenance contract (which you won’t need anymore).We’ve helped migrate over 500 VAX and Alpha systems and saved literally millions of pounds for companies like Ford, Morrisons and Agusta-Westland.
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Guard Against Server Failures

Most server failures can be prevented.

All it takes is for the right person to have the right information given to them at the right time.

Our range of Climate Monitors records the information you need and actively informs you of warning signs while there’s still time to take action.

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With sensors for monitoring everything from temperature and airflow to movement and power fluctuations, The Climate Monitor is designed to give you advance warning of just about any avoidable disaster with SMS alerts direct to your mobile phone.
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